LENR Today
LENR Today

Nuclear Energy Without Nuclear Waste

The Solution and benefits- our future and that of our children depend on it

Every energy source we use today, has some kind of limitation.

As a result of its incredible power density, LENR can be used for every energy application, across any climate and/or geography. It is renewable, utilizing abundant resources, sustainable, non-polluting, reliable and requires nominal upfront costs.

Abundant Resources

The metals used in the process function primarily as a catalyst, (lenrexplained) in order to release the incredible binding energy contained within the hydrogen atom. They are abundant on earth and can be reprocessed and used again. Of course hydrogen, whether in the form of gas or water, is ubiquitous.

Eliminate the Grid

The power grid is costly, unsightly and archaic. Basically, we are burning the long dead remnants of plants and animals, coal, gas and oil, in order to generate electricity and transferring that across copper wire, many miles away. It is unsightly (miles and miles of wire suspended on poles), inefficient, incredibly expensive to build and maintain, and it pollutes the environment.

Todays LENR units are compact, powerful and self-contained. As a result, we can disonnect from the grid. These will allow us to create heat and electricity right within our homes, offices and factories, while overcoming the losses of energy and hence costs presented by our current grid system.

Effective across every energy demanding application

LENR can effectively replace fossil fuels and nuclear fission as a fuel source for every application including, transportation, residential, commercial, industrial, rail, aerospace, marine, defense, micro-distributed power generation, distributed power generation and central power generation and co-generation.

Central and distributed power generation  

Today’s LENR units are capable of generating heat between 800C - 1200C; enough to produce the steam necessary to generate electricity at a utility plant. Coal and natural gas fired utility power plants can be retrofitted to exclusively use LENR as a fuel source, eliminating carbon based pollution.

In addition, LENR can be engineered to replace the fission reaction process in Nuclear Power Plants, also known as Boiling Water Reactors (BWR).   This will eliminate both nuclear fission and fossil fuels as a fuel source, thus eliminating 90% of the world’s current, polluting energy sources.

(Figure out how to intergrate these)

Each of the various technologies, Ecat, SunCell and Symphony 7 go about producing energy in slightly different ways, with the result being the same – prodigious amounts of excess energy, or overunity.

Ecat or HotCat units are producing high amounts of heat. Today, there are technologies being developed, to convert heat directly into electricity. SunCell generates extreme photon energy from the plasma which is converted directly to electricity utilizing off the shelf solar photovoltaic cells. Symphony 7 converts ordinary water to hydrogen gas.

Stand alone applications


10kw units http://www.e-catworld.com/2012/02/08/rossi-now-states-that-10-kw-e-cat-will-cost-between-600-and-800/ to power and heat our homes and offices, the size of a toaster or microwave oven. Rossi and Blacklight Power.


Ironically, we use gasoline to transport gasoline to the fueling station, which is dispensed into vehicles that go out on the road and pollute the environment.

Today’s hybrid or electric vehicles run on batteries. They are recharged by plugging them into the wall, which is connected to the power grid.  The utility plants use fossil fuels or nuclear fission to generate the electricity used to power the electric vehicles. So, instead of polluting out of the exhaust tank of the electric vehicle, we are continuing to pollute out of the stack at the utility plant, which generates the electricity for the vehicles, in the first place.

Imagine using a fuel canister the size of a one liter bottle of water to power your car, truck or bus. Talk about recharging batteries (Tesla) or even direct electricity production to all four electric motors.

Hydrogen cars and Solar Hydrogen Technologies. Instead of transporting Hydrogen gas from the chemical plant to the pump, the units will be at the serving station or even in your garage – fill ‘er up at home.

Planes/Jet Airliners/Rail – Jet Fuel is very polluting. The greatest cost to fly a commercial aircraft airliner is the cost of fuel. LENR can be used to power the turbine engines. Incredible savings can be realized – as much as 90%.   Diesel fuel same thing, diesel fuel costs.

Aerospace exploration

endless NASA Boeing

Ships and nuclear powered aircraft carriers can benefit from this.

Powering cities and factories

LENR is effective in any climate or geographic location

Power Density determines the viability of any energy source across various climates and geographies.

How to power a large northern city and large manufacturing operation.

As mentioned previously, Solar, Hyro and Wind are excellent alternate energy sources but can’t sustain our total global energy requirements due to various limitations such as power density, upfront cost, climate, location and reliability.

Industrial/Commercial factories and whole cities – contrast solar, wind and hydro in the north.

Power density is an issue.

Power density - in watts per square metre (W/m2 )


Where you are in Siberia or in South America, LENR can generate heat, cooling and power right in our homes, offices and factories.

Other effective uses

Remediation of Radioactive Nuclear waste – transmutation of the radioactive nuclear waste. Patent application by Mitsubishi.

Military superiority – fighter jets can fly endless sorties, no need to refuel. No need for aircraft carriers. Aircraft carriers can be powered by LENR.

Potable water


As a result of LENR we no longer have to legislate efforts the UN Climate Initiative or have cap and trade or for that matter, have climatologists bothering us anymore.

Test Power Density



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