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Andrea Rossi

Over the years Andrea Rossi, via Leonardo Corporation, has lead the charge and has brought this technology to the forefront in the specialty press. His company was purchased by Cherokee Investments, which incorporated Industrial Heat LLC. His units are called Ecats, short for energy catalyzers.

Rossi's technological developments are probably the most advanced in terms of power generation, heat production and commercialization. Various licensees have been established worldwide and he has units for sale.

Over the last several years, Rossi has publicly demonstrated his ECats generating high energy gains, operating at temperatures between 800C-1,200C and producing power approaching one million watts. During the demonstration, a series of tests were conducted to evaluate the performance of his units. Subsequent to the demonstration, these tests were validated by various world renowned physicists.

Shortly after the public demonstration in October of 2012, Rossi announced that he sold two 1mw units; one to a commercial customer and one to a military organization, speculated to be the US Navy.

For a comprehensive overview of Rossi and his E-Cat see


In an effort to commercialize the Energy Catalyzers or E-cats, Andrea Rossi has applied for a safety certification from Underwriters Labs and is seeking to market the Low Energy Nuclear Reactor powered E-Cat for home use.

The initial application will be to generate heat within our homes; once the industry optimizes the direct conversion of heat to electricity, it will power our homes as well. When these units are certified by UL, they will be sold for home use. The reactor core of the home E-Cat unit is about the size of a cigarette box, and is capable of producing ten kilowatts of power. The size of the entire unit will be about the same as a toaster oven.

While Rossi’s units are available for sale, the units as of yet, are not approved by UL for in-home use; they are under consideration.



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