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Nuclear Energy Without Nuclear Waste

Authors Comments

As the author of this site, I have no axe to grind as I am not involved in either the research or production of this technology. I make my living as a headhunter in the cancer industry and simply have an interest in halting the effects of man-made pollution though through this innovative science.

In 1831, Michael Faraday was pilloried as a charlatan by fellow scientists when he claimed that he could generate an electrical current simply by moving a magnet in a coil of wire. In the history of scientific development, there has always been incredible skepticism and pushback.

When astronomy was being discovered, people were actually killed if they disagreed with what the Church held as being true - the earth is flat. The penalties today are a little less harsh. The development of electricity was constantly under attack and of course nothing heavier than air could possibly fly.

Well, as we know, the earth is round, we enjoy the benefits of electricity and we now have space exploration into a wilderness that didn't even exist, in the Middle Ages.

''Nothing is too wonderful to be true if it be consistent with the laws of nature'

Today we face a global problem of immense proportion and the solution is right in front of our face - all we have to do is nurture and develop it.

As a result of the Pushback by the USPTO, many of the inventors within LENR are hesitant to share their technology with the outside world as they have no mechanism for protecting their intellectual property in the United States. If we can halt these efforts, the innovators within this realm will be more willing to share their advancements with others which will enable more rapid progress toward stopping Global Warming.

Historically, we have come to learn that disparate efforts can result in significant discovery. However, with today's advancement in communications and connectivity through the power of internet, there is a more effective way to go about the development process. Sharing of information on various developments, and a collective effort in the form of government funding and a consortium, will get us to our end goal of eliminating man made pollution.



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