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LENR can be used for every application, in every climate or geography. It is renewable, utilizing abundant resources, non-polluting and has an incredible power density. In addition, it is reliable and requires minimal upfront costs.



For decades, we have been striving to combat the deleterious effects of man-made climate change, brought on by the burning of fossil fuels. Efforts include nuclear fission and fusion, solar, hydro, biofuels and geothermal. As stand-alone energy sources, each has its own inherent limitations; power density, climate, geographic location, upfront costs, toxicity, practicality, pollution and reliability.

After spending hundreds of billions of dollars and exerting tremendous effort, we have still been left without one source that can alone, power the globe and overcome all of these limitations - until now.

There is an alternate energy system that has been developed that can eliminate man made pollution and sustain all of our global energy requirements

Referred to as Low Energy Nuclear Reaction or LENR, it is far more powerful than any known chemical reaction - between 100,000 to 1,000,000 times the energy density of any of today’s combustion processes. It extracts enormous amounts of power from hydrogen, either in the form of gas or water, at a fraction of the cost of generating energy today. To put this into prespective, utilizing this process, the energy potential contained in one eight ounce glass of water is sufficient to power and heat 3,000 average sized homes for a month.

As a result of its incredible power density, LENR can be used for every energy application, such as transportation, residential, commercial, industrial, rail and aerospace, across any climate and/or geography. It is renewable, non-polluting, reliable and requires nominal upfront costs.

The LENR process is distinctly different than nuclear fission or fusion and produces prodigious amounts of energy in a safe and effective way - Nuclear Energy withou Nuclear Waste

The compounds used in the process function primarily as a catalyst, in order to release the binding energy contained within the hydrogen atom. They are non-toxic, abundant on earth and can be reprocessed and used again. Hydrogen, whether in the form of gas or water, is ubiquitous.

Currently, there are many organizations and credible individuals worldwide, affirming the viability of LENR - NASA, US Navy, US Department of Defense, STMicroeletronics, Boeing, National Instruments, Royal Dutch Shell, Siemens, Toyota, Mitsubishi, CERN, and many of the world’s renowned and Noble Prize winning physicists.

LENR can effectively replace all of the energy sources we use today and sustain 100% of the world’s energy needs, while producing no harmful waste- clean, powerfull renewable energy.

For a detailed explanation as to how it works, go to LENR Explained

Man Made Climate Change is already underway with consequences that must be faced today as well as tomorrow. Evidence of change to the Earth's physical, chemical and biological processes is now evident on every continent.

With this technological advancement, we can stop it in its tracks.

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We Can Stop Man Made Climate Change

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